Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One year ago...

Today, I am officially a non-smoker.  One year ago today I quit smoking after more than 35 years. It was very difficult, but also sort of like letting go of a heavy cloak I wore every waking hour.  Although I resented them at the time, all the no smoking rules finally did me in:  smoking simply isn't socially acceptable any more.

So, on with the rest of life! In the coming months I'll need to focus on weight loss. Has anyone ever calculated the calorie-burning effects of refinishing furniture? It certainly takes a toll on my back, let's hope it takes a toll on my waist as well!

Spring is around the corner, and with it will come so many projects for Dead People's Stuff.  Bring 'er!

For now, I'll go to the local for 1/2 price chicken wings and start dieting tomorrow!


  1. keep it up girl! I wonder how many calories are burned while blogging??? ;-)

  2. congrats on the one-year smoke-free anniversary, Sue! really hoping we can pop into your shop someday when you least expect it! :-) cheers and love!