Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter in Prince Edward County

I am blessed to live in a beautiful part of Ontario where tourists flock in the thousands come summer.  This is rather like a 'good news, bad news' joke.  The good news is that they fuel our economy.  The bad news is...well, there are rather a lot of them and those of us who live here have learned to avoid the masses. We know that the beaches will be crowded. We know the back routes to avoid Picton Main Street at noon in summer.  We know that the two proudly Canadian stop lights (one at Tim Horton's and the other at the liquor store) will contribute to traffic congestion rather than easing it. We know that the Wellington LCBO sells beer by the 24, and that the Foodland there will be faster and just as friendly as the Picton Sobey's.

And then they leave.

And we are left with the beauty to savour; poorer in pocket as winter settles, but richer in spirit as we explore our County quietly, in silence, at one with nature.