Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well, here we are...finally.

Welcome to Dead People's Stuff Antiques.  We (Sue and Terry Hierlihy) live and work in Prince Edward County, after previous lives lived in Ottawa. We are not in witness protection, just escapees from city life into the freedom to do what we love in a place we love to be.

Dead People's Stuff is Sue's business, started many years ago at the now defunct Stittsville Flea Market, and evolved through hundreds of Antique Shows in Ontario. The shop is in a converted drive shed on their property on the Main Street of the beautiful Village of Bloomfield.

Terry's business is called, rather appropriately, Sue's Husband Terry.  Sue rents her husband out legally for money, something many women wish they could do, and he does all the things he won't do at home...minor renovations, drywall, carpentry, minor plumbing and electrical improvements, small building projects, flooring, and whatever else he finds interesting. After a long career as a salesman, Terry is happy emulating his role-model: George the Handyman on The Bob Newhart Show. He even has the overalls.

This blog will serve many functions, and we hope you enjoy them all!