Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the Gargoyle Garden

My gargoyle friends have a new home at Dead People's Stuff...a garden created just for them!  Don't let their looks fool you, they are thrilled to be together in the morning sun, and shaded from the afternoon heat.

 Although they roam Bloomfield at night, they always return home before sunrise, gathering at first light to guard the house by day. The secret to ensuring that your gargoyles return from their nocturnal wanderings is naming them: once they are named, they know they are a special part of your family, and will always be loyal.

This is Edgar.  He used to live atop Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Horace is very shy.

Bubba is a big boy, but he's afraid of spiders!

Guinevere is the only girl in the garden.

Oh Legalus! Love those Elfish ears!

Erminio is new.  His nickname is Soccerball. When I'm not looking I think he may sneak into the house to watch the World Cup, but I'm not sure....

Stop by and visit us sometime.  We are always happy to make new friends!

Christie Spring 2010

The Christie Antique show was great again this spring. The day was perfect and the crowd was large and enthusiastic!  A good time was had by all...lots of sales and happy customers!