Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Your table is ready...

Monday was a good day at the auctions.  Started at 10 am at auctioneer Boyd Sullivan's auction in Milford (always a good time had by all) and ended at 9 pm south of Napanee at Neil Lambert's auction. Since we missed the ferry back to Picton from Hwy #33 by 10 yards, Terry and I had a nice half-hour walk in the night air looking out over Picton Bay and Adolphus Reach. A lovely way to end a long day!

Best buys of the day were these two tables.  Each is 8 feet long, one pine and one oak.  They will make fabulous dining or work tables.

I have cleaned both of them and they are ready to go.  I wish I could keep one as a sewing/cutting table! They are now in the store and waiting to go to the Prince Edward County Antique show at the end of the month, unless I sell them before then.

Tomorrow I'll tackle the rest of my finds!


  1. Those would make wicked sewing tables! Yes!!

  2. The red table is pine and I have it priced at $650, and the green one is oak and is $550.